• Tea Tree Mushrooms 茶树菇
Tea Tree Mushroom (Cyclocybe Aegerita) also known as willow mushroom, is a medium-sized mushroom with a very open and convex cap. Tea tree mushroom offers a good source of protein, as well as 8 different kinds of essential amino acids, abundant of vitamins and minerals. Tea tree mushroom helps in kidney deficiency, chronic nephritis, edema and other diseases, cholesterol-lowering, and have anti-cancer effects. It is used in Chinese cooking, both fresh and dried, in various dishes, including stir-fry, soup, stew, and hot pot. The mushroom has an intense woody and earthy flavor which provides a nice flavor to the soup or stew.

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中医认为茶树菇具有补肾、利尿、治腰酸痛、渗湿、健脾、止泻,防癌等功效, 是高血压、心血管和肥胖症患者的理想食品。


Tea Tree Mushrooms 茶树菇