Wild Black Goji Berry grows throughout central Asia from China to Afghanistan, Russia, Uzbekistan, India and up into the Himalayas. It is traditionally prescribed for the treatment of diabetes, vision problems, kidney problems, and helps in strengthening the immune system. The berries can be eat fresh, or dried, or made into a tea. Come to our stores in SS15 and USJ to discover more health benefits of Wild Black Goji Berry!

野生黑枸杞一般都是产于海拔比较高的地方。野生黑枸杞被誉为「软黄金」,它含有很多种胺基酸,微量元素以及丰富的紫红色素,有抗衰老、抗疲劳、明目、防治糖尿病等功效。野生黑枸杞的食用方法有很多,既可以直接食用,也可以用它来泡水或者是煲汤。请光临我们在 SS15和 USJ的商店选购并发掘野生黑枸杞的奥妙之处!

Wild Black Goji Berry 野生黑枸杞