• 【Menstruation Cycle月经周期】
【Menstruation Cycle】
????Tracking your menstrual cycle can help you understand a lot about your health. Irregular menstruation cycle means the cycle is shortened or delayed for more than a week for 3 consecutive cycles and above.
⚡️Irregular menstrual cycle may signal underlying medical conditions and potentially have long-term health consequences.
????Acupuncture treatment can help to regulate irregular menstruation and improve blood circulation around the pelvic area and uterine lining. The benefits of acupuncture are further amplified when combined with herbal therapy. Herbs and herbal medicines can also help to relieve symptoms associated with irregular menstruation such as mood swing, migraine, period pain etc.
Other conditions that TCM can help with:
* Period suddenly become irregular and you are under 45
* Absence of menstruation for 3 months and you are not pregnant
* Abnormally heavy periods/prolonged bleeding
* Infrequent menstrual periods
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????记录你的月经周期可以帮助你更了解你的健康。若你的月经周期已经连续3个周期或以上缩短或延迟超过一周 ,这代表你有不规则的月经周期。
• 月经周期突然变得不规则,并且你未满45岁
• 3个月没有月经,并且你没有怀孕
• 反常的大量或长时间出血
• 不常有月经
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【Menstruation Cycle月经周期】