• Red Dates Tea Tasting 红枣茶品尝会

Red dates helps to nourish blood to tranquilize mind and anti-aging. It also helps to invigorate the spleen and reinforce stomach. Come and join us this Sunday for our Red Dates Tea Tasting event at SS15 and USJ store!

Date: 23rd July 2017 in SS15 and USJ

Time: 2pm - 5pm

Hope to see you then!

红枣有助于养血安神,延缓衰老以及健脾益胃。这个星期天,我们在SS15以及 USJ的分店将会有红枣茶品尝会。届时,你就可以亲自品尝黄耳的味道,并深入了解它的功效。请勿错过!

日期:723日在SS15 USJ分店



Red Dates Tea Tasting 红枣茶品尝会