• Ginseng Tea for Tasting
Ginseng is excellent for increasing physical and mental endurance, reduce tiredness, and enhance memory. Come and join us this Saturday for our Ginseng Tea tasting event at SS15 and USJ store! 
Date: 17th June 2017 in SS15 and USJ
Time: 2pm - 5pm
Hope to see you then! 

泡参有助于补中意气、 消除疲劳、增强记忆力。这个星期六,我们在SS15以及 USJ的分店将会有泡参茶品尝会。届时,你就可以亲自品尝泡参茶的味道,并深入了解它的功效。请勿错过!
日期:6月17日在SS15 和 USJ分店

Ginseng Tea for Tasting